Exciting Experience

What an exciting experience!! But its so easy to become overwhelmed!!

There are 1000’s of Dresses and 1000’s of options. Here are some tips to help you make your right decision:

  1. Set your date and venue. Time of year and kind of venue can dictate a lot about fabrication and style of Dress. Whether or not it has sleeves, how formal or informal you want it and what type of ornamentation, if any, it should have.
  2.  Set your budget and stick to it. Price will affect your decision. Don’t be swayed to try on dresses that you genuinely cannot afford. It will only create frustration and more confusion. A good Bridal Consultant will respect your finances and help you select a dress that’s perfect for you in your price range.
  3. What’s your vision? What style has always come to mind when you envision your dream dress? Try to focus on the look you really want. Your time is valuable and your scheduled appointment is usually limited to an hour in most salons. Stay on task with your ideal dress and style. Don’t get side tracked.
  4. Limit your bridal appointments. Pick out the top 3 or 4 salons that carry the dress styles you like and are in your price range. The more you try the more you will become too confused and forget about the ones that really looked great on you and were affordable.
  5. 2 other people are the most you should bring with you. The more people you bring the more differing opinions you will get and not always the best ones. The only opinion that really matters is your own. Your mom and a sister or 1 best friend is all you need if at that. You know by now what looks best on you and what you really want.
  6. Other friends and family should not really see your dress until the big day. Surprise them.