Our Story

Back in 1950, Adrienne Kranz, a French couturier from Paris, opened a small boutique on Main St., Islip N.Y. She started in Women’s apparel, calling her salon, Adrienne’s of Paris. Gradually she started to specialize in Bridal and Eveningwear, Bridesmaids and MOB. In 1970, she retired and sold the business to her assistant Waltread Berdimurat, a millinery designer from Hamburg, Germany.

In 1990, Walli, customers often affectionately called her “Adrienne”, started a search for her successor. A young designer from the Dress Market answered her ad in WWD. Maryann Greco, a single mother of 2, always dreamed of owning her own Bridal Salon. She also wanted to be closer to her children and have a more work flexible schedule. The daily L.I.-NYC commute made it difficult to raise them. Walli found in Maryann exactly the right person to take over the reins and Maryann is still presently at the helm.

In 1998, ADRIENNE’S moved into a beautiful, restored Victorian building 4 times the size of its original home and the business exploded. Over the years, however, Maryann was beginning to see a growing shift in the demographics of Long Island. The younger people, after graduating college, were gravitating to the metropolis.

In 2003, after much urging from her daughter, Maryann, together with her, opened the first ADRIENNE’S in NYC at 155 Orchard St, a small pilot store. After 1 year, they expanded and acquired another larger location directly across the street at 154 Orchard. The larger store became exclusively Bridal and the original was kept for Bridesmaids¬†and Eveningwear. By 2010, it clearly became evident, the direction for business growth was in NYC.

A difficult, heart wrenching decision it was to make, but the Islip location was closed and consolidated into the NYC locations. In Oct 2012, ADRIENNE’S moved again combining the 2 locations into 1 big store at 134 Orchard St. where we are presently located.

ADRIENNE’S is believed to be in business longer than any other Bridal Salon in this country.¬† And that’s Our Story.